Introducing the brand new LIDA mirror.  This round wooden mirror fuses state of the art design and craftsmanship with the timeless beauty of fine timber. 

"A mandalic sunburst of geometric patterns"

Each of the 51 interlocking elements of this wall hanging mirror have been meticulously hand sanded and varnished to bring out the natural warm tones of the timber. 
Transform your living space now with the LIDA wall hanging mirror.  Designed and made in the heart of Surrey (UK)

IMG_3131 Etsy size.jpg
from 120.00
Make me one in 2 weeks


Dimensions of pictured item (mm)
Width 660
Depth 50
Mirrored area 360

Order your mirror now by selecting a standard size from the drop down menu.  There are several sizes to choose from, if you want a custom size to fit your space then we can build to any dimensions you require so just get in touch for a free, no obliguation quote

Birch and high quality 4mm silvered glasss

Delivery times
Your mirror will be custom made in around 2 weeks
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